a novel by l.e.turner

An animal, as distinct from a human being.

After a century of exile Constance has been drawn back to Bristol, England. Since her departure the lair of the Creatures has been turned into a very dangerous nightclub, and a religious sect bent on the “redemption” of her kind are getting worryingly close. As Connie attempts to discover the root of her return, and right some of the wrongs in her past, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her own existence.

A gritty British urban fantasy mixed with elements of classic Gothic horror, L.E. Turner’s debut novel turns Bristol into a home and haven for a variety of supernatural Creatures.

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   Perhaps I was harsh, but in my day such a Creature would not have survived long – no clan allegiances, no protection, feeding on humans outside of Purgatory. It was a wonder to me that such a Creature had come to exist, and it was best that he did not. I did feel some remorse. The Creature had not asked for nor expected this fate, and in truth I did not have to kill him. But at one time it would have been remiss of me to allow such behaviour to continue.

At the end of the street I stopped and looked down the next alleyway. I could see the entrance to Purgatory, two Creatures guarding it. I kept to the shadows and made my way back to the human city. I thought more on the Creature’s death and although I justified it as necessary, I knew there was more to it – I did not want to risk being discovered.

 It was all about survival.


About the Nature of the Author

L.E. Turner lives in Bristol, UK the setting of About the Nature of the Creature – in which she has turned the city into a haven for a variety of supernatural creatures. She started writing stories in small notebooks at the age of 6, with her “vivid imagination” commented on by many teachers, and struggles to go a day without writing – whether an ongoing project, short story or blog post. She currently lives with her husband (who she forces to do all the cooking) and several dust bunnies, and is currently working on a series of short comedy stories about a burlesque dancers and a drag queen during a zombie apocalypse and the sequel to About the Nature of the Creature.

After completing two degrees in archaeology – specialising in archaeology and the media, prehistoric Europe and prehistoric and Classical Greece – she went on to become an events and PR professional in heritage. More recently she has moved to legal compliance and now works in a large international law firm.

She describes herself as a nerd, feminist, performer, blogger and slightly surreal writer of
urban fantasy, gothic horror and science fiction.