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Bristol Story Trail

I’m very excited that an excerpt of About the Nature of the Creature has been included in the upcoming Bristol Story Trail that begins on 17th February. I hope everyone in Bristol gets the chance to take part in the trail and read at least some if not all of the contributions of Bristol based stories. 

The statue of Neptune keeps watch over this historical port city

The statue of Neptune keeps watch over this historical port city

The Story Trail creates a fun and exciting exploration of Bristol by following a series of short fictions. Story locations are sought out based on a street or building and, once found, will reveal a QR code unlocking a link to a short story associated with that place. By following the trail and discovering locations, new secrets and tales will be revealed in places which were previously unnoticed. Each visit back will forge new memories and unlock a hidden magic to Bristol.

The trail has been put together as a combination of installation art and storytelling by Toby Smith. The trail is part of his research in urbanism and fiction, for his Masters of Architecture from the University of the West of England, Bristol. You can follow Toby on Twitter @DoaSLiveFiction for more updates and check in on the trail website.

From Bristol Story Trail website –

We occupy two worlds, one of reality and one of dreams. The way we perceive our physical environment is entirely reliant on the blurring of these, from the assigned value of items we treasure, to urban myths which sculpt our cities. Fiction has the ability to lift us out of our daily lives, transporting us into a fully immersive fantasy realm beyond our own.

But what if these realms could meet? Rather than escapism through fiction, the Story Trail begins to meld the fantastical with our day-to-day lives, exploring the possibility of storytelling as a means to greater enjoyment of the city.





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